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A three-story building with a roof nearly 12 metres high, a concert hall for the Vienna Boys’ Choir is to be built on this corner of the imperial park Augarten, the so called “Augartenspitz “. It has been given the name of “Konzertkristall” and is a subject of angry protest (see under

This building is to be erected using private funds (Pühringer Privatstiftung) for a private association (Vienna Boys’ Choir) on a site belonging to the general public (the whole imperial park Augarten is property of the Federal Republic of Austria).
There is neither a competition nor a call for plans for this building. It is to be build using an architectural agency (Archipel) whose owners are close relations of the sponsor (Pühringer). The complete area of the Augartenspitz up to the last square centimetre is to be filled in by that building. The front of the new building is planned from the very entrance to the park right up to the historical chestnut avenue. It is not so – as many people think – that only the meadow will be affected, no, the whole entrance area is at stake. The building would start at the garden wall and directly adjoin the staff building (gate-keeper’s lodge) necessitating a partial demolition of this building.

The permission for this building has already been applied for and granted. All the same builders have applied for the complete extermination of all the trees in the area Augartenspitz including those in the area held by the “Filmarchiv Austria”!
It can be thought that the broad refusal of these plans by neighbours and aware Viennese citizens made those responsible for such policies hesitate to sacrifice to private interest a piece of central city public green space subject to National Heritage protection (see indication at the public notice board: “Baroque Jewel”).
Exactly this is the reason that voicing refusal of these plans is vital (e.g. by personal participation or by signing our petition )!

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The Josefinian Committee for Enjoyment has been active since winter 2007/2008 against further building in the Augarten and especially in the Augartenspitz. We are against the mad devotement for building on this site. It is planned thereby to allow a three-story house: this at the present day when a green oasis has long become one of the greatest assets for any city.

The Josefinian Committee for Enjoyment supports the conservation and/or renewal of a partly natural-wild structure of small gardens, in accordance with the original baroque staff houses and gardens belonging to the complete structure of the imperial park.
Situated between the smooth municipal street greenery and the baroque park with its long avenues for distant views, the Augartenspitz is a small dreamy rural refuge reminiscent of little farm gardens and natural river bank vegetation. Badgers, foxes, hedgehogs, squirrels, wild lilacs and any amount of snowdrops show what the place had originally been.
The Recreational and Ornamental Gardeners (“Lust- und Ziergärtner”) of the Josefinian Committee for Enjoyment, Viennese citizens, feel that it is their business to promote this unique touch by caring for the right plants and by Elysian events.

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Josefinian Committee for Enjoyment
Information, baroque emergency telephone code: +43 676 4953133
(Raja Schwahn-Reichmann)

Helpers in our struggle:barockfest-engerl-klein
Friends of Augarten
Aktion 21
Initiative for monument protection

… as well as countless citizens (Some 10 thousand have signed our petition!)

“Tradition means protecting the flame, not adoring the ashes”

Gustav Mahler